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Our local transit options rely on Google's system for routing. Uber, taxis, food delivery, and even Tinder use these location tools from Google. One company has this much power. And, it can be hacked with a wagon and old phones.

Found in my old notebook, plans for a single serving site that gave answers to the question--
The answers displayed on the page would be randomized with the following I guess:
Nope. Still a bunch of 2 minute demos.
No, but on the plus side social marketing experts haven't ruined it yet.
Yes, in the same way Pogs have.

The documentary on Gilbert Gottfried is 5 minutes in and giving me feels.

I feel like cellphones went from antenna to no antenna and routers went from antenna to Tiger Pit of spiked doom!

"The borders that separate one country from another are an artifact of politics and history: They have no material reality in themselves but were born of violence; their maintenance demands violence, increasingly so as the cycles of capitalism drive both mass migration and repression."

You can watch me wax about my desire to work for a non-profit here, or skip it and watch my bloops. Get'em while they're hot because I'm going to delete soon. Check if Mealshare is in your town so you can go to restaurants supporting them.Now, back to regular job applications and writing gigs.

In a parallel universe, Rob Treble and DJ Hard Rock postulated that "It Takes 9.57" to make things go right.

I suppose since I warrant an interview after making a video for a job application that I can share the completely unprofessional bloopers reel.

The hair color trends of today are the errors and mistakes of coloring your hair on your own during my generation's youth.

My last post reminded me why I stopped using WordPress. Every single plugin has some stat tracker from the developer, slowing your site down and possibly invading the privacy of visitors.