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This is one of the best reads in the last year. Frightening. Google, Facebook and Amazon are diverting users through apps and hardware to "bypass the Web." This way they "have more authority over data traffic."

Watched BBC explanation of Facebook's new dating addition. "Private, your friends won't see it, your dating info won't show up in any news feeds." So it's Ashley Madison clone? Classy Zuck.

I just watched this Adam Ruins Everything video on how Facebook & Google aren't "free." It's somewhat funny considering that College Humor had around 16 pieces of tracking software on it. Anything for those precious clicks!

BREAKING: Twitter & Facebook in talks of a merger. New service to be called Smugger.

Replied to a post on :

I've gone back and forth on the idea of using because I feel like it is just another network like tumblr or Facebook. For exposure, to promote my work or the podcast perhaps it's a good idea? However to add to Jeena's point, a centralized service like that is going to attract and promote like-minded opinions. A personal site is going to be more nuanced and possibly share many ideas.