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This is one of the best reads in the last year. Frightening. Google, Facebook and Amazon are diverting users through apps and hardware to "bypass the Web." This way they "have more authority over data traffic."

You can just watch the NSA facial recognition database grow as people post their Google portrait matches. Just kidding, Congress stopped bulk data collection. And if you believe that, you also believe Google will not misuse the image of your face.

Great take on Google. Read it and see if you can still use their products with good conscience.

I just watched this Adam Ruins Everything video on how Facebook & Google aren't "free." It's somewhat funny considering that College Humor had around 16 pieces of tracking software on it. Anything for those precious clicks!

I use Google so little that when I type "g-o-o" into Firefox it autocompletes to @goodstuff_fm's site. Thanks @duckduckgo.