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"The Consumer Isn’t A Moron" - Social Marketing Is Already Broken

A few days ago, Daniel Siders an architect of Tent and co-founder of Cupcake posted this link. It was a good read for me as I am doing more paid work in social media and also trying to promote a podcast or two.

We might have thousands of users, followers, or customers. But how many of them are true fans?

How many of them read every single article we publish or click on every single tweet we send? How many of them actually pay attention to our company newsletters?

Though businesses exist to make a profit, we need to understand the subtle difference between an engaged person and a true fan. Just because someone engaged with or showed interest in, say, your tweet, product, or newsletter doesn’t mean she or he will purchase anything you produce.

I'm not looking for our podcasts to go viral or make us rich. I want to continue to enjoy doing it because we're having fun. Yet, sometimes it is hard not to get swept up in the social marketing talk, and ideas. I wouldn't say podcasting is a competitive market, everyone who is doing it is very supportive. However, there is a discovery problem when there are so many podcasts out there. How do people find us? This link to Ali Mese's post just confirms that there are no magic beans. Make your content for you. "People will come, Ray."