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 Welcome to save this space. This is the home of my musings, status posts and other media. The centralized social networks are a great way to connect with people, but the price is your data and privacy. For some, this is not an issue. Personally I believe if the giants like Facebook & Google were upfront with how they use your data and who they sell it to, more people would be motivated to try and do something decentralized like this. 

 This site is built on Known and allows me to update my status and share content right from this site that I own. Then, it syndicates the posts to the large networks to share with my friends. As it is now, I think of it as a hybrid automobile. No, they’re not the solution. Using zero nonrenewable resources should be the goal. However, it’s a step in the right direction. Sharing or syndicating my posts to those big data collectors is still not a great idea, but until we have simple protocols (similar to email) that allow us to share information with anyone regardless of what network they are a members of, this is a good start.  Me? My name is Chris and you can read more about me on this profile page. Or check out to find my other projects online, including my art, video and podcasts.